Runaway love

You see my baby over hit the road Where she’s going that’s what nobody knows I need to find her ‘fore another man does I wouldn’t want him to steal my love I’m just tryin’ to be cool, cool, cool (tryin’ to be cool) What would you exepct me to do I’m just tryin’ to Continue reading

Baby ft. Ludacris

Oh wooooah 3x You know you love me, I know you care, you shout whenever and I’ll be there. You are my love, you are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart. Are we an item? girl quit playing, were just friends, what are you saying? Said there’s another and look right Continue reading

Kiss and Tell

yeah j-j-j jb yeah woaah woahh no, noo Now, I can see you girl You ain’t gotta say nothin’ Your lips are callin’ me Like they wanna do something I feel the chemistry Yeah you feeling me A little kiss is a definite possibility Seen you a couple times Had a couple conversations Since you Continue reading

That Should Be Me

Everybody’s laughing in my mind Rumors spreading ’bout this other guy Do you do what you did when you Did with me? Does he love you the way I can? Did you forget all the plans That you made with me? ’cause baby I didn’t That should be me Holdin’ your hand That should be Continue reading


Its a big big world Its easy to get lost in it You’ve always been my girl oh, i’m not ready to call it quits We make the sun shine in the moonlight We can make the gray clouds turn blue skies I know its hard Baby believe me That we can go nowhere but Continue reading

Eenie Meenie

Eenie meenie miney mo Catch a bad chick by her toe If she holler (if, if, if she holler) Let her go She’s indecisive She can’t decide She keeps on looking From left to right Girl, come on get closer Look in my eyes Searching is so wrong I’m Mr. Right You seem like the Continue reading

Overboard ft. Jessica Jarrell

It feels like we’ve been out at sea or So back and forth that’s how its seems Whoa and when I want to talk you say to me That if its meant to be, it will be ohhohhhoh So crazy is this thing we call love and now that we’ve got it we just cant Continue reading

Never Let You Go

They say that hate has been sent So let loose the talk of love Before they outlaw the kiss Baby give me one last hug There’s a dream that I’ve been chasing Want so badly for it to be reality And when you hold my hand Then I understand That it’s meant to be Cuz Continue reading

U Smile

Oh Yeah Mmmm I’d wait on you forever and a day Hand and foot Your world is my world Yeah Ain’t no way you’re ever gon’ get Any less than you should Cause baby You smile I smile (oh) Cause whenever You smile I smile Hey hey hey Your lips, my biggest weakness Shouldn’t have Continue reading

Stuck in the Moment

With you, With you, I wish we had another time, I wish we had another place Now Romeo & Juliet, Bet they never felt the way we felt, Bonnie & Clyde, Never had to hide like, We do, We do You and I both know it can’t work, It’s all fun and games, ’til someone Continue reading